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Who we are

Bean & Bear Media is a boutique creative agency based in Calgary, Alberta. We're passionate storytellers who love working with other local businesses to help get their message out to the world.

Bean & Bear Media

What we do

We help you tell your story through a targeted media strategy. By diversifying its delivery, your story can have the biggest impact:


Web Design and Development? Audio or Visual Projects? We create everything you need.


You're busy doing the awesome things you do! Let us handle all your Social Media accounts.


Give your story strength! We provide direction and purpose so you reach your goals.


Have a passion and a DYI attitude? Need some help along the way? We're here to empower your creativity!

Bean & Bear Media

Our Projects

There are many aspects to telling a story. Producing creative assets and developing a strategic delivery plan allow our client's stories to reach a broader audience.

The ultimate goal? Building true engagement between brand and customer.

Bean & Bear Media

What people say

Alisha provided strategic communication advice that helped facilitate an incredibly successful social media campaign. Not only did our campaign receive attention from multiple media outlets, it garnered praise from our target audience. MCAN is grateful for Alisha’s support and looks forward to working with her on future endeavours. We would recommend Alisha to others looking for tactical social media advice.

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Our team



Co-Founder, Marketing Director



Co-Founder, Creative Director

Bean & Bear Media

We've been busy!

Videos Created

Filmed, Edited and Uploaded

Podcast Episodes

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered


Designed, Developed and Deployed
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Work With Us

Set up a consultation with us to discuss your needs:

Email: connect@beanandbear.media

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Website Design & Development

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Mind Well Nourished2

Learning From My Kids3


Video, audio and social media channels help spread your story to the largest targeted audience possible, but you need to have a place that links everything together.

Bean & Bear Media designs and develops websites that bring all aspsects of storytelling together. As the foundation of your strategic marketing plan, your website acts as the gathering point for customers to learn, interact and share their experiences with your products or services.


Audio Production: Podcasts

Where it all started! Bean & Bear Media was created when Mind Well Nourished launched. We love podcasts, and love making them even more!


Mind Well Nourished: Creating Conversation, Building Community.

"Join married couple Chris and Alisha as they explore and learn about health, wellness and sustainability in the Mind Well Nourished Podcast. This interview/discussion format podcast features guest speakers from various areas of health and wellness, providing insight into all the areas we can improve our lives." Please check out the Mind Well Nourished Website

At Bean & Bear Media, we handle the recording, mixing, and mastering of each episode. Then comes file hosting, posting and distributing. As the amount of podcast listeners continues to grow, many businesses and brands are realizing the potential for engagement that this medium offers. Need someone to record your podcast? We can do that. Need someone to mix, master and prepare your pre-recorded files? We can do that too!

Let us help you create the podcast you've always wanted!

Bean & Bear Media

Video Production: YouTube

Video is the best way to share your story with the most impact. Videos can convey more content than print, and they do so in a more exciting way. Studies show that you have 8 seconds of attention, so grabbing a potential customer's interest quickly and effectively is key.

With YouTube providing a great platform for global sharing, businesses cannot afford to pass up this potential for engagement.

Bean & Bear Media can create videos as part of your social media strategy. We use Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Blender, and Motion (among others) to bring your ideas to life.

We love video at Bean & Bear so much our founder Chris video blogs on his YouTube channel: jamestopher.com

Social Media Management

Companies that embrace social media gain access to the amazing world of direct customer engagement:


Share Your Story to the World.

We work with our clients to tailor a custom, targeted approach to social media engagement. Each of the popular social platforms have their own unique traits, and must have specific methods applied to reach the right audience with the right message - this is one area where "one-size-fits-all" does not work!

At Bean & Bear Media, we handle the nitty gritty details so you can concentrate on running your business. Our custom engagement is on brand, from setup, to content and interaction.